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3D Video

Venument embodies the essence of embracing comfort.

Embracing tactile, natural textures that highlight organic silhouettes inspired by iconic 90’s trends. Venument delicately crafts each fashion piece to communicate the joy of being fashionably chic, and at the same time boldly states that experiencing comfort is the utmost pleasure on top of everything.


The products highlight the natural beauty that arises when the joy of our most comfortable spaces is found both inside and outside the home.

Mid Rubber Boots are one of the best-selling products of Venument. The team shipped the item from Seoul, South Korea so we can witness the quality and feel the joy of comfort wearing it. We take a look in detail at each texture, material, and color to create a perfect resemblance in the modeling process.

Inspired by the airy, lightness, and comfortable feeling of a pillow along with the swing that represents a sense of adaptability and flexibility, the video campaign aims to promote the beauty of being comfortable within minimalism, yet still stylish which leads to bringing out natural beauty everywhere.

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