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The modern way for companies to source venues, vendors, and inspiration for their events.

In a world of disconnect and disruption, The Vendry will be your one-stop shop for all things corporate events. It puts everything you need to plan a successful event in the palm of your hand — from venue sourcing and vendor recommendations that are never lost to overwhelmed inboxes, outdated supplier spreadsheets, or team changes.


The Vendry is on a mission to make event planning easier for organizations by bringing together a community of event professionals with resources, inspiration, and supplier sourcing tools.
This project was created to help The Vendry stand out as a thought leader in the corporate events space and introduce the new concept of Knowledge base. The video touches on many ideas, but what’s most important is that it shows the viewer that The Vendry has the knowledge, experience, and contacts at its fingertips to make any event a success.
We made the visual using semiotics of a reality where people are having an issue with managing event, finding sources, vendors, caterers that are on a budget. All those elements highlighting the fussy side of the activities were transformed through cut out pictures and combined to form engagingly purposive motion with communicative messaging.

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