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Aspire at empowering women, giving them the opportunity to unlock the mother in them

Shems Doula was created in 2022 to support new mothers. Founded by Abla who believes that motherhood is hard, but the hardest part might be the loneliness, the feeling of being unheard, and the guilt. That’s why she committed to holding space and supporting women through their journey.


Ease the postpartum journey, get rid of those assumptions and negative feelings, and bring comfort, solace, assurance, and reassurance to all mothers and parents.

We saw an opportunity to transform her brand into an empowering space that radiates a soothing ambiance in four timeless and fundamental pillars: empower, support, motherhood, and soothe—these concepts inform our overall approach and resonate throughout the new visual language. Using Sufi Dancer as a reference, the logo is picturing a pregnant mother with one hand towards Earth and one hand towards God

Tilting the dancer so that she’s horizontal in her stance, we wanted to express what it feels like to be a mother: striving for perfection with compassion, grace, and strength. In response to the brand’s focus on female empowerment, the logo is a round shape that portrays the crescent moon. The moon has been known as a symbol of womanhood, intuitiveness, and empowerment, making it a fitting symbol for the brand.

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