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The Grotto


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Logo, icon, and brand identity

When you enter The Grotto Cafe in Dubai, all you ever feel is warmth, peace, and slices of inspiration and magic.

The word ‘Grotto’ comes from the Italian word for cave, and refers to an artificial structure made to resemble a natural cave. The cave is a symbol and representation of a safe place that people can run into to seek tranquility and solitude.


A place where taste and passion come together with comfort. The grotto serves not just coffees and desserts, but also a space to create your own natural creativity by observing, recording or simply just being there and be inspired.

The Grotto logo concept is inspired by wabi-sabi, which is derived from a Japanese word and culture that means appreciating the beauty of incompleteness and imperfection. The philosophical term combined with an industrial, earthy, and edgy touch to form the whole identity. The green, ivory, and cider brown colors impress a vibe of natural comfort in an earthy sanctuary at Dubai.

The logomark of The Grotto is inspired by the letter G and cave, as well as the shape of a coffee bean. The combination shapes the initial letter of The Grotto. It is also communicate the vision of the brand, to make The Grotto as a happy place for everyone to collaborate, share ideas and thoughts or simply enjoy the serenity of having the cookies and drinks.

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