Magical and
dreamy sanctuary


Sonar Paraiso


Hospitality and leisure


Naming, logo, and brand identity

Spoil the visitors a space for the sanctuary that brings a meaningful connection and magical experience.

Sonar Paraiso was designed with the goal of creating a temporary home that links people together to assemble meaningful connections. We strived to create magical and personal encounters by emphasizing comfort, awareness, freshness, and dreaminess.


The appealing interiors and distinctive elements of this building are designed to attract local inhabitants as well as visitors from all over the world.

Our strategy reveals that Sonar Paraiso’s brand and social media strategy are being rebuilt, and we invite people to support them. We actively create appropriate tactics in accordance with the content pillar: wording, lifestyle tips, art with relevant quotes, promotional content, wellness talks, interior showcase, and aesthetic customer photo—all elements must adhere to a quirky and authentic concept. Sonar Paraiso’s social media visual idea is consistent with the branding identity, including color palettes, shapes, tones, copywriting, and photography style.

We boost brand awareness efforts by providing easy-to-make content like infographics, short movies, advertising, and links to more extensive information via the social media channels we develop. Using visuals on social media can boost brand exposure and, quite importantly, enhance follower engagement. The brand logo is also created to be adaptable and fit in a variety of designs that are more directly related to strategy as well as aesthetics. The logo’s visual concept emphasizes smoothness, elegance, and youthfulness, which are expressed with a decorative feel of the simple shape of the typography and icon to suit Sonar Paraiso’s audience’s dreamlike and warm lifestyle.

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