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Samma Studio Finds a delicate equilibrium that holds the key to a new form of balance, beauty, and functionality

Samma Studio is an architecture and interior design studio based in Bali. Translating visions with reality, balancing idealism with practicality, and honoring the interplay between humans, space, and nature.

Samma Studio

In our collaboration with Samma Studio, we digitally uncovered the core principal and the remarkable approach of Samma’s team in creating a distinctive designs and concepts for clients in a harmonious flow that incorporating human with needs and vision, space as medium of life, and nature as resource provider.

We began the website concept by refining the communication goal, and narration purpose to fundamentally structure the design layout. Behind each section, there is a meticulously selected component by component to ensure that every interaction hits the point of understanding from the audience’s perspective.

A series of narrative and explanatory description on each page is complemented by aligned lining and position resulting a seamlessly consistent and coherent experience for users. The functionality of designs are formed by the interactive transition and animation that brings more attention to every detail of the content.

The core concept of Samma that aligning human, space, and nature create an environment of harmonious collaboration, not only in concepting the wisdom between design and concept, but also in combining different perspective of humans resulting the best possible outcome. We communicate this value on each project page details by highlighting the client’s vision, collaborators, materials, and environmental insight.

Samma Studio classify its expertise into two categories, commercial and residential, and emphasizes more in the way it approaches each project according to the client’s needs. We break down the information into several sections to make the visitors informed and at the same time attracted to the play of transition and division of sections.
We customize the mobile web version to adjust the experience of phone users in a way it still enhance the comprehensive information. The alignment of the design is measured differently following the sections and page layout. The responsiveness and functionality are prioritized

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