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Drops of indulgence you can taste on the first to the last sip of your cup of tea

Mythical Blends is a company in the high-end whole foods and beverages industry in the Middle East. With a variety of products, they are able initially to sell great blends of tea and target everyone who longs for a classical and authentic high-quality sourced tea.


Mythical blends bring back tranquility and a moment of reflection to just slow down and relish in the present moment. Evoking a sense of wonder and a connection to timeless stories through a sip of tea.

We had the opportunity to work with Mythical Blends in developing their new packaging design to create something vintage and elegant. For the assets, we have chosen four botanical assets to complete the packaging design as they all have their own characteristics of beauty.  It is corn chamomile, chrysanthemum, jasmine, and berry. They add beauty and shape to the product, informing and communicating key attributes of the brand.

The combined pattern is wonderfully arranged to express the beauty of the flowers’ composition. The composition vividly communicates a broad range of harmonious brand values that blend as one. Within the harmony, We aim to create a design that invokes the Victorian spirit  and a sense of authenticity to speak genuine ingredients of the product. The overall element that we created was to convey a sense of prestige and ruggedness into it.

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