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Brand Identity

Khat was born out of the idea where elegance and uniqueness come together

In creating a fashion signature, Khat was infused with heritage covered in modernity. We visualize that idea using a fusion of color bursts, a vibrance in between monochromatic Middle Eastern fashion heritage, to bluntly speak that Khat is universally and inclusively made for all youth lively spirit.


The variation of styles and fashion of the Khat characters also depict how Khat accommodates a fashion uniqueness and personal odyssey in everyone.

We visualize the idea that KHAT is beyond a piece of the abaya. It is a fusion of color burst in between Middle Eastern fashion heritage. We make it desirable for all youth lively spirit And evoke an ode to turning their everyday fashion into signature pieces. We evoke a visual magnified by the idea that every woman has their beauty quirky side, to make them proud to show it up through khat fashion pieces.

In our collaboration with Khat, we embarked on a journey to redesign and revisualize the identity inspired by the uplifting youth spirit.We bring the uniqueness and vibrant personality to life through the illustrations of playful woman characters, representing the happiness, amusement, and excitement that we believe any woman should have in their everyday life. Whatever the looks they choose to have!

We proudly celebrate the uniqueness of by transforming and introducing Khat as a fashion for the modern youth woman. Our goal is to bring its identity to be more relevant to anyone in the present. The main product, Khat abaya, is captured as an icon of modern-styled heritage from the middle east, breaking the ordinary and basic color of abaya designs.

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