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Logo Design, Brand Style Direction, Color Scheme, Typography, Packaging Design, Print and Marketing Collateral, Social Media Strategy

Delve into the authentic beauty of your skin, with Kenzako through an immersive brand experience—where confidence in your own skin takes center stage.

In shaping Kenzako’s identity, we draw inspiration from the Moroccan word ‘Kenza,’ representing treasure, to tell a story of heritage’s richness and nature’s purity reflected in every Kenzako offering, infused with natural and organic ingredients.

Our interpretation of Moroccan heritage from a contemporary viewpoint has significantly shaped the development of Kenzako’s visual identity, prominently showcased in the logo capturing the exquisite essence of Moroccan architecture. This modern approach to understanding Moroccan culture has been instrumental in guiding our creative process, infusing authenticity and richness into every aspect of Kenzako’s branding.

Through our exploration, we’ve sought to uncover and articulate the natural allure of beauty and the originality of culture, seamlessly integrating them into Kenzako’s visual identity to offer a cohesive brand experience that embodies both tradition and modernity.

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