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HRM by Harum Bali




Brand Identity, Logo Design, Brand Style Direction, Color Scheme, Typography, Packaging Design, Print and Marketing Collateral, Social Media Strategy

After years of journey, HRM evolves and grows along with their valueable customers. Transforming the identity to be more amiable and fresh to welcome its new era of prosperity.

For 27 years, HRM has consistently been a reliable preference in Bali, Indonesia, standing proudly as a beloved family-owned cake shop known for its exquisite Lapis Legit. With a foundation built on traditional methods and the incorporation of high-quality ingredients, HRM’s enduring philosophy centers around essentials – valuing quality and upholding authentic recipes for the ultimate taste.

Every story is worth telling, to be cherished as one of life's greatest treasures that we can taste from HRM rich well-crafted cake.

Bringing traditional Dutch recipes, through the vast ocean waves and towering mountains, and infusing the vibrant spices of the Indonesian archipelago, HRM cakes offer authentic flavors that cater to and indulge local palates.

Through a collaboration with HRM, we have successfully embarked on a journey of redefining and revisualizing the brand’s visual identity. The strategic infusion incorporates a timeless, modern, and sophisticated look, thoughtfully curated to maintain a profound resonance with the dynamic preferences of the younger demographic.

While embracing a minimalist approach, this branding style aims to communicate the brand’s narrative, values, and character by preserving the historical essence of authentic Dutch recipes infused with the richness of Indonesian local spices.

In our packaging design, we aim to weave a narrative that echoes the rich history of HRM's legendary cakes. We draw inspiration from the journey of authentic European cake recipes, which traversed the ocean to reach the shores of Nusantara centuries ago. The undulating beauty of ocean waves mirrors the intricate layers of our Lapis Legit cake, evoking a sense of timeless elegance. Additionally, we pay homage to the European origins of our cakes through the design of our Roll Cake packaging. Through meticulous attention to detail, we infuse the classic sophistication of HRM into every visual element of our branding.

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