All the ways
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Cake Salon


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Providing all the possibilities to embrace your baking ideas, from the most elegant one to the wildest way possible.

Cake salon has started the business journey to serve professionals in the dessert, cookies, cake, and chocolate industry and bring their art concepts to life. Making all eyes feel the joyful sense before even tasting the flavor of any piece.


All the ways you imagine. Glittering, powdering, spraying, painting, sprinkling, and more. Not to mention rainbows of colors to be possibly picked.

Our main aim of this project is to create a different impression on looks to enter the B2C market after solely focusing on B2B. We started from the overall shape of the logomark taken from the letter "C" which is the initial of the brand name. The circle illustrates the brand as casual and specified. Meanwhile, the brush-shaped negative space describes the decoration sector as the main focus of the brand. The silhouette of a paint drop represents cake colorings, as the main product of the brand, while the graphic elements are tailored to not only fit the brand’s needs but also to help distinguish the brand from other similar brands.

Cake Salon’s graphic elements consist of various icons that represent the brand’s personality. The shapes are kept effortlessly solid for ease of usage on any brand element. One tricky part is to infuse colorful and informative designs, but still, have a sense of appealing and tasty looks to avoid the similarity between food coloring and paint coloring. To let go of the usual practice of an old-school presentation, we went further by modifying the cake, chocolate, and confectionery picture and placing each of them on the label based on the basic usage of the product. This is done to suit the modern look we made on the brand identity.

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