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Beasty Basic




Brand Identity

Resonates with casual & productive living, Beasty Basic appears with an easy but creative look. They aim to be the first choice for people who value a versatile and time-saving lifestyle.


Beasty Basic are driven to support people to unlock their greatest potential in their own unique paths and become a support system for people who wish to appear confident and feel inspired

Beasty Basic is one of those clothing line brands that prioritize versatile and timeless style with a little touch of the retro inside as their main concern. The brand is known as “Classy Authentic” that offers a sense of strong retro yet is still relevant for users. Brand identity symbolized with the B sign refers to Beasty Basic along with a pretty thick outline applied in countless media.

The logo is created straightforward yet powerful and timeless to suit Beasty Basic’s brand personality. The primary palette helps define the emotional tone of the brand. For the primary palette is the core toolkit, we choose the colors that express the brand to portray elegant and classy vibes, with both a modern and nostalgic feeling for the brand.

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