Over the years, the transformation of branding, advertisement, and marketing resulted in various new concepts, ways, and terms. All of it has shaken some players in business industries. Some see it as an opportunity, while others see it as a threat. By this means, we have seen some cases, from the fruitful spirits of a startup and the accelerating growth of a company to the rise and fall of a brand.


This different situation, involving super-fast interchanging information, can make a new brand outshine the old champs in a matter of months. It’s a bitter fact for some businesses, but it’s fresh air for fair competition.


Using the same approach and marketing methods won’t guarantee sustained success. The number of years in victory can’t be counted as lifetime proof. Furthermore, extolling your instant success will surprise you with what happened in just a month or even a week.


The competition is getting sharper, the demand is getting higher, and it’ll lead to improved products or services here and there. Your customers and clients may receive something from you that is less valuable than the money they have, or something that is surprisingly more than they deserve.


Competition can make you go that far and set aside profit or gain only to survive. Yes, it’s weird how a lot of businesses are over-offering something that they’ve never produced, made, or promoted before. Competition can be that scary.


One of our visions at Lapomps as a brand consulting agency is to make sure that before any business jumps into the pool of competition, they know their worth and can tell the world about it in the best way possible. Because sometimes it’s not the fault of your production or your team; it’s just the way you strategize, direct, conceptualize, and communicate your brand that needs to be elevated.


Some people might say, “Go with the flow” or “Ride the wave”. But it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t go with the flow or wave because it can slowly drown you in it; otherwise, set your position and make your own flow and wave. Take good control of it.